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Gather with us

At Sent Collective the way we gather imitates Jesus’ relationships. Each gathering is a core part of what it looks like to live out worship, community and mission.


Gathered Worship

Our Gathered Worship is when we all come together as a collective to be empowered, equipped, and refined, to be sent out. Gathered Worship happens on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

The focus is on worshipping together, sharing stories of what God is up to across our church, learning from God’s word and pursuing the Spirit’s leading.

Follow us on our socials or contact us for more details on our Gathered Worship.

We are currently meeting on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, 5:00pm at St Philips Anglican Church Mount Waverley. We'd love to see you there.




Most of our gatherings happen throughout the week in a network of groups that we call microchurches. As disciples, doing life in community is important to us. We believe that everyone needs a place to belong, to be loved, challenged and encouraged as we learn to be more like Jesus.

Microchurches are small communities that seek to make disciples in their neighbourhoods and networks, they are all different and each have a particular vision for serving the wider community. They are led by ordinary people, in ordinary places with gospel intentionality. The purpose is to invite people to engage in worship, do life in community, and participate in God’s mission.

If you have a particular passion or there is a way our church can help you fulfil your God given vision get in contact with us as we would love to journey with you in starting your own microchurch.

DNA Triplets

Our DNA Triplets intentionally care for one another holistically and with accountability. These groups consist of 3-5 members who are seeking to grow in their personal discipleship. DNA triplets call disciples to Discover God, Nurture the heart, and Act in obedience. These groups follow this simple framework:

Discover God: Each time a DNA triplet meets we want each person to be reminded of the good news of Jesus. To discover truth about who God is, what he’s done, who we are, and how we are called to live. Each person shares what God has been saying to them throughout the week. DNA groups will then spend time in scripture reflecting on how they can respond in obedience. We also have a number of resources DNA triplets work through over the year.

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Nurture the Heart: At Sent Collective we want to experience transformation of not only our minds, but our hearts. Often there are things we know but they don’t necessarily align with what we believe. As we nurture our hearts, each person spends time reflecting on how they are going in their relationship with God and honestly repenting of their sin. This gives space for members to be real with one another and sharing the good news of Jesus’ work for us. Reflecting on our brokenness and God’s goodness encourages us in our faith and enables us to believe.

Act in Obedience: As we study the Word, pray with one another, reflect on what God has said and listen to the Spirit, it is to help us grow as disciples. Often God challenges us to live differently and DNA triplets help set accountability for how we can act in obedience. In this time member consider opportunities to live out what you have studied and discussed. This is also a place where members share how they are going with spiritual conversations they are having with their non-believing friends. 

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